The Hoops for Peace Classic stands out from all the other basketball tournaments in Chicago because its emphasis on nonviolence, education, and social justice.

Tournament directors Jimmy Sanders and Shawn Harrington know that sports have historically been a leader in social progress in America. The tournament games provide an opportunity for the players of Chicago to use basketball as a bridge to improve their community through education and awareness.

Throughout the tournament, guest speakers, non-violence advocates, police officers, and nationally known leaders address the crowd and individual teams. Their topics range from gun violence to education to community involvement. 

Each player is provided with a free book, a Hoops for Peace trademark. Reading opens the door to knowledge and a deeper understanding of the world for the players involved.  Our mission to help the youth of Chicago doesn't end after the tournament is over. Jimmy Sanders and Shawn Harrington also put on summer camps, and Shawn coaches a youth team on the West Side. The duo has helped countless players by linking them to colleges for basketball scholarships.